Mermaid Wedding Star Hair Accessory


You will be able to chose a set of three pins, of six pins, the tiara only or the tiara and 6 pin sets at check out

Perfect for a fantasy beach wedding, or just a day at the beach. These hair pins sets will be the perfect hair accessory. . I made them out of pretty brass star flowers and twisted pearls and clear crystals on gold wire to give them a celestial vibe.

These will make your hair sparkle with some vintage charm. These would also be great for a celestial themed wedding, a special party or just for a fun night out.
These would make great bridesmaid hair accessories.

These Star Flower stampings were made using actual vintage die cut molds and machines, which have been used since the early 1900’s. Made in the USA!

Featured here on trendy bride magazine
and thank you for all the venders who took place in this beautiful photo shoot especially for taking these breathtaking photos



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