Ivory Rustic Flower Crown of Vintage Flowers


I made this flower crown from beautiful vintage flowers stems. I twisted the flowers together and then wrapped them in some little floating pearls, at the back are some little loops of ribbon and then long narrow ribbon ties. There are a few small blue buds at the ends of some of the flower srays and a faint yellow centerIt will bend to fit any size head, perfect for a flower girl or a bridesmaid or even a simple bride. The vintage flowers are new stock and have been stored in a temperature controlled warehouse for years just waiting to be found and made into something special. I also have these beautiful flowers in pink, Yellow and blue. You will be able to choose a color at check out, see the last photo for the color options.

If you are buying this for a child under 5 years old, please put her age in the message area at check out



Ivory Rustic Flower Crown of Vintage Flowers and Pearls

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blue flowers, pink flowers, white flowers, yellow flowers

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